Reflections from the Field: Who Needs Lawyers Anyway? (

Alison Miranda, 12 April 2023, bron:

Een interessant artikel van Global Human Rights over de vraag of advocaten eigenlijk wel nodig zijn voor legal empowerment.

NAIROBI, KENYA – The convening facilitator posed a provocative question: Are lawyers essential to the work of legal empowerment? We were asked to arrange ourselves in a line, from strong agreement on one end of the room to strong disagreement on the other, according to our response.

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Photo credit: Namati

The group in the room included seasoned justice activists, researchers, and human rights defenders from various organizations and countries pursuing action research projects with Namati, the Legal Empowerment Network, and Canada’s International Development Research Centre—as well as, yes, several lawyers. We shuffled around the convening space, offering apologetic smiles to the lawyers, until we formed a human spectrum of perspectives.

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